Mayan Temples For all your sacrificial needs!
(Comes with 4 skins)

Building Doorways Who needs doors anyways?
(Comes with 5 skins)

Stone Stairs Go up OR down!
(Pre-made and Modular Kit)

Building Trims Painted with real blood!
(Comes with 5 skins)

Building Friezes Comes in 5 different shapes!
(Comes with 2 skins)

Stone Wall Piece A fancy wall of sorts.
(Comes with 2 skins)

Stone Pilars Risen or fallen. The choice is yours.
(Comes with 3 skins)

Brick Rubble You can never have too much rubble.

Stone Cap Point Cap the point like its 1517.

Stone Rubble You really can’t.

Stone Stelae We can’t decipher it either.

Mossy Rubble Rubble, with moss.

Standalone Bricks Build your temples brick by brick!

Dragon Stelae A stone hearted Dragon.
(Comes with 5 skins)

Stone Ququmannz Stelae Know who you’re sacrificing for.

Stone Ququmannz Face The Mayann God himself.

Stone Mayan Face A pretty face.
(Comes with 5 skins)

Broken Stone Mayan Face Not so pretty anymore.
(Comes with 2 skins)

Rocks They’re rock solid!
(Comes with 6 variations)

Starfishes and Shells For the beaches.

Big Fern Bushes No jungle is complete without them!
(Comes with 3 variations)

Tall Bush It’s kinda tall.

Tall Tree It's tall. Like: really tall.

Banana Leaves Bush Bananas not included.

Monstera Bush Actually not a monster.

Palm Trees Coconuts included.
(Comes with 3 variations & sizes)

Ground Flowers To lighten the mood before being sacrificed.

Ground Plant Even the small ones are important.

Ground Sprout Because life can grow anywhere. Even in jungles.

Mayan Pottery For witholding offerings.
(Comes with 2 variations)

Skycard Trees For those unreachable places.

Mayan Bricks Simple mayan bricks for large buildings.

Small Mayan Bricks Simple mayan bricks for small buildings.

Mayan Bricks - Mossy Top Mayan bricks with moss at the top.

Small Mayan Bricks - Mossy Top Smaller mayan bricks with moss at the top.

Mayan Bricks - Mossy Bottom Mayan bricks with moss at the bottom.

Small Mayan Bricks - Mossy Bottom Smaller mayan bricks with moss at the bottom.

Mayan Brick Floor Large mayan bricks for flooring.

Stone Beam Looks great resized for trims.

Wall Interior Rubble It’s the outside that matters!
(Blends to mossy)

Jungle Stone Cliff To know where to jump to, when being chased by ancient tribes.

Sand Define the line between land and sea. (Comes with 2 skins & blend)

Overlay - Mossy Patch It’s everywhere!

Skybox There is no rain in the rainforest.

Wild Grass Sprites Make your jungle even more wild!

We didn’t release as much content for this pack as we had originally planned. However, we are still working on more content which will be added to this content pack, at a later time. The pack extension will feature even more props, as well as particles, overlays and ambient sounds for your maps, so stay tuned!