The Mayann Project is a community developed project which focuses on an epic adventure in an exotic jungle, in the legendary Mayann Ruins. It will feature a 6 minute movie with your nine favourite mercenaries; a jungle themed map in an epic quest to steal the Golden Idol of the Mayanns from their temple; and plenty of community created content (cosmetic items, maps, taunts and unusual effects)!
How can you take part in this action-packed community update project, you say? It’s simple! To participate in the project, all you have to do is submit your content to the TF2 Steam Workshop using our official item thumbnail design which you can download here. For a full guide on the type of content you should create, click here.
The items selected to be featured in the 6 minute SFM can be found here! However, you are still encouraged to contribute future items to the Mayann Project and Jungle theme!
Check out our Workshop Collection above! Items will be added to the collection, as they are published to the Workshop. Be sure to use our official item thumbnail design!
Q: What is the Mayann Project?
A: The Mayann Project is a community-created project, with the intent to suggest Valve the Jungle/Mayann/Adventure theme for an official TF2 update!

Q: Is the Mayann Project the Jungle update announced by Valve?
A: Valve has said that they will no longer accept fully community-organized updates, only theme suggestions. This project's core theme is the jungle theme, which was selected by Valve for a future update.

Q: Is Valve aware of this project?
A: Yes! Valve has selected the Jungle theme for a future TF2 update!

Q: What type of content can I submit for this project?
A: You can submit any type of content accepted by the Steam Workshop:
  • Cosmetic items
  • Taunt animations
  • Unusual effects
  • Maps
For a full list of guidelines on content creation, click here.

Q: Who created the project?
A: The project is a collaboration of various community members, such as JPRAS, The Winglet, Sparkwire and VLEK.

Q: What is the plot of the six minute video?
A: The SFM video will feature an adventure with all nine mercenaries from the BLU team, on a quest for the ancient Golden Idol located in the legendary Mayann Ruins.

Q: Where can I ask other questions about the project?
A: Feel free to ask any other questions you may have, directly on the official Facepunch Thread.